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Initiate brings diversity to a safe space Everyone has the right to participate

Rola Jawad is a teacher at Anamil Al Saghira nursery, which is one of INITIATE’s partners in implementing 1001 Nights... read more

Tarek El Mahabani

"الظلم هو أبشع شي بالحياة، وانك تظلم أو تنظلم بالتأكيد هو شي سلبي. من أهم الأشياء يلي تعلمتا من خلال... read more

“Every story has its own adventures, which is amazing. Each time we watch a new story in class, I leave... read more

Sawsan Al Warde

 "الأهل، المجتمع، المدرسة، المحيط، هي كلها عوامل بتأثر على نشأت الولد وطريقة تفكيروا. طبعاً أولادنا جوا المخيم مش كلن عايشين... read more

"From 1001 Nights, I learned the meaning of trust among friends. I have always thought that it was impossible to... read more

Maram Jansis

"كتير قصص بتمرق بحياتي بتذكرني بألف ليلة وليلة. وكتير بحس حالي مميزة لما قول لرفقاتي انو عم اتعلم عن مبادئ... read more

“I used to be a judgmental person, I am not anymore! Criticizing people is a bad habit. I hate to... read more

أسيل أبو علفا

القيم، الأخلاق، والمبادئ هني أهم اشيا تعلمتن من ألف ليلة وليلة. تعلمت من هل قصص انو ما كذب وبعِّد عن... read more

مخيم الضبيه

ضبية هي إحدى المناطق اللبنانية التي تقع في محافظة جبل لبنانفي هذه المنطقة بالتحديد، يقع واحد من أصغر المخيمات الفلسطينية... read more

حكايات مخيم مار الياس – الجزء الثالث

يقع في مدينة بيروت ٣ مخيمات فلسطينية وهم مخيم برج البراجنة، مخيم شاتيلا، ومخيم مار الياسفي هذا الفيديو الذي تم... read more

حكايات مخيم مار الياس – الجزء الثاني

يقع في مدينة بيروت ٣ مخيمات فلسطينية وهم مخيم برج البراجنة، مخيم شاتيلا، ومخيم مار الياسفي هذا الفيديو الذي تم... read more

حكايات مخيم مار الياس – الجزء الأول

يقع في مدينة بيروت ٣ مخيمات فلسطينية وهم مخيم برج البراجنة، مخيم شاتيلا، ومخيم مار الياسفي هذا الفيديو الذي تم... read more

مخيم البص

تشتهر صور بأهميتها السياحية وخصوصا في فصل الصيف، ولكن تشتهر صور أيضاً، بوجود عدد من المخيمات الفلسطينية في لبنان وهم... read more


 Labels Are For Clothing, Not For People.Martina Navratilova      ... read more

RDPP Project

The 1001 nights platform Nights life skills and Civic Education Program, developed by Big Bad Boo Studio, is a multi-platform... read more

بلاها بلا بلاها

بعد أكثر من شهر على انطلاقها، نختتم الحملة التوعية المشتركة حمل بلاها بلا بلاها التي نظمتها الانروا بالتعاون مع الفاعلين... read more


Who We Are

Initiate is registered ( Reg. 86) Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization founded by agroup of youth volunteers, whom they managed to secure funds and support from international and local donors to support the refugees coming from Syria after the crisis started.
Since its inception in 2011, Initiate successfully managed to serve, support and provide different kinds of projects and programs that were focused to create an environment in which women and youth live in dignity and develop joint acting platforms among refugees and local communities in Lebanon.

The Community Organization for Development and Empowerment
المنتدى المجتمعي للتمكين و التنمية

” شباب ممكن , مجتمع محصن”
“Empowered youth, safeguarded community”

INITIATE is a Nongovernmental, nonprofit, youth oriented organization based in Lebanon and dedicated to assisting vulnerable communities through youth inclusion and empowerment.
While keeping youth at its focus of its mission, INITIATE continually endeavor in creating comprehensive and inclusive programs aimed towards the Empowerment of youth, and its concentric circles of influence.
In the process of delivering its Mission INITIATE aspire to keeping its status as a hub for youth allowing them to: access a safe space, acquire knowledge and access to a network of social and political influencers enhancing their social participation in decision making processes.

BENEVOLENT: We are self-aware and selfless, focusing on achieving our mission without the strive for personal gain.
ONE-CREW: We function as one body, serving one purpose.
EVOLUTIONARY: Continuously innovating and adapting to fulfill community needs, while keeping our core values at heart.
PROFICIENT: Continuously seeking excellence, to realize the highest quality, most efficient, and effectual services.
SYNERGISTIC: We believe that through collaboration and knowledge sharing , we produce a combined effect far greater than the sum of our separate effects.

Our History

How we started?


The beginning

INITIATE was inspired by different voluntary initiatives and campaigns to support the refugees coming from Syria after the crisis started. Tens of volunteers were working within the campaign with the support of different donors like DRC and, WORLD VISION, UNRWA etc. INITIATE provided different kinds of assistance including Non-food items distribution for more than 3000 PRS.



INITIATE continued to implement different initiatives to improve the living conditions of the Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS) in the Palestinian camps of South Lebanon. Besides, INITIATE implemented other initiatives to improve the social cohesion among the Palestinian youth from the camps and the Lebanese youth in south Lebanon.



INITIATE also got funded by the Embassy of Netherlands in Lebanon and implemented “Creating Space for Grassroots Mobilization Project” that was implemented in Rashedieh Camp in the south.


Partnership with GIZ

INITIATE is a partner for GIZ since 2017 to enhance the social participation for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon mainly youth. We participate in implementing beyoned, fasbar anad now part projects.


Young Cities

Young Cities

INITIATE started a new partnership with ISD in order to train youth groups and follow up their initiatives in North, Beqaa and South under a ” Young Cities” project.


1001 Nights

1001 Nights

INITIATE started a new project called “1001 Nights” life skills and Civic Education Program in Lebanon to Promote Social Cohesion in Partnership with  Teach for Lebanon “TFL” and Big Bad Boo production and funded by: Regional Development and Protection Program for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq (RDPP). Initiate opened a new center in Beirut and increase its crew in order to implement this project.

Meet Our Team

Small team with great passion