Looking into the Brightside

A cheerful, happy enthusiastic 32 years’ Palestinian woman Suzan, walks around the camp surveying cases in an attempt to serve her community in Beddawi camp, north Lebanon. Based on UNRWA Lebanon, Beddawi camp was established in 1955 and is located on a hill some 5 kilometers north-east of Tripoli. Throughout its first five decades, the […]

Getting out of my Comfort Zone

A divorcee woman, a mother of an eleven years old boy, at the age of 27 waiting for her father to give her allowance. That’s how Walaa describes her situation before joining to be one of the 120 women working in community kitchens to produce and distribute hot meals to food insecure households in Ein […]

Women in Lebanon join forces to fight food poverty in their communities

“This community kitchen came as an opportunity for all the women at the camp to have the chance to work, help their community, and learn new skills. There is nothing better than bringing people together to serve their community.” 27-year-old, Mariam works as a kitchen manager at an established women-led community kitchen in Beddawi Palestinian […]

Women Supporting Women

One hundred and twenty women are engaged in the preparation and distribution of hot meals for vulnerable families living in Ein el Hilweh camp (Saida) and Beddawi camp (Tripoli) under “Empowering Women And Addressing Food Insecurity Through Women-Led Community Kitchens Project.”. The project is implemented by INITIATE in partnership with Women Program Association (WPA), with […]

Starting With Fresh Eyes

“It took me few days to realize how bad the situation in my community is,” says Safa, “before joining the project, I thought I knew my community and surroundings well.  Honestly, I thought we were all managing these harsh situations in the same way. I realized that the situation was much worse than it seemed. […]

1001 Nights Project

  بعد سنتين ونص من العمل في مشروع ألف ليلة وليلة، نقدم لكم الفيديو الختامي الذي يتكلم عن اهم المراحل والنتائج التي شهدها المشروع RDPP Middle Eastنتوجه بالشكر ل على ثقتها بنا ولجميع المراكز والمدارس والمؤسسات Teach For Lebanon (TFL) و Big Bad Boo كما نتوجه بالشكر لشركائنا على جهودهم في إنجاح هذا المشروع ألف […]

كرمالن وكرملنا، تذكر تاخد اللقحات اللازمة لتحمي حالك وكل مين بتحبوا


قصة سليم – مركز السنابل

“كل أم بهل الحياة بتطمح لتشوف ابنا احسن وانجح ابن، بس انا كل يلي كان بدي ياه هو انو شوف ابني سليم مبسوط. ابني بحب الرسم كتير بس ما كان يرسم منيح، كان ديما بيفتقر للمسة الإبداعية أو حتى للإلهام. بالمقابل شخصيتو كانت كتير ضعيفة وما كان حتى يقدر يعبر عن رأيو بأبسط الأمور. سليم […]

Muneer – Journey Of Change

“Equality, respect, and responsibility”, said Muneer’s mom, “those words would sum up my son’s experience in the 1001 Nights program. Looking back at Muneer’s character and how it evolved through the program, I can’t but feel really happy and proud of the kid he is today. Muneer, like most kids his age, thought that being […]

Rola Jawad

Rola Jawad is a teacher at Anamil Al Saghira nursery, which is one of INITIATE’s partners in implementing 1001 Nights program. She is the coordinator of the educational program for four different classes. Her experience in the domain started in 1993. She has a certificate in nursing education from the Centre for Information and Practices […]