Rola Jawad

Rola Jawad is a teacher at Anamil Al Saghira nursery, which is one of INITIATE’s partners in implementing 1001 Nights program. She is the coordinator of the educational program for four different classes. Her experience in the domain started in 1993. She has a certificate in nursing education from the Centre for Information and Practices for Children’s Nursery.

“Most of the time when we ask kids questions like why stealing or bullying is bad, the answer would be because it’s not good. With the 1001 Nights program, we have made kids realize why every bad habit is bad and why it should not be a part of their lives”, says Rola, and adds,  “1001 Nights is not like other programs that teach values only, it’s beyond that. The kids here are becoming a family and they are helping each other to understand more the morals of the stories and the core values of each character. The beautiful thing is that the stories are speaking to each kid in a different way. Some kids found themselves lost in this imaginary world and want to make it real”.

Anamil Al saghira main target is teaching children in preschool stages (ages 3 to 16) and raising kids so that they are useful to their societies in a way in which they acquire an education and constructive habits that enrich their spirit of being open to others. “The program is really important and it should continue by any means because these kids are finding the true meaning of respect, love, and being a part of a bigger family through this imaginary world”, Rola concludes.

The 1001 Nights program is funded by the European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP II) for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, which is supported by the Czech Republic, Denmark, the European Union, Ireland and Switzerland.