Mohammad Al Turk

“Every story has its own adventures, which is amazing. Each time we watch a new story in class, I leave with one thousand and one ideas in my head to go around exploring the world. It is like I get to fly and experience a new adventure every time while remaining in my place”, says Mohammad Al Turk, 11-year-old Palestinian student who participated in the 1001 Nights program at the Peace for You association.

Peace for You is one of INITIATE’s partners implementing 1001 Nights program’s activities in Burj Al Barajneh camp. Peace for You is concerned with educational and cultural activities to raise awareness within weak and disadvantaged communities and aim to create a comprehensive cultural spirit.

“When I am with my dad, I always ask him to join my adventures as I try to imitate Prince Shehab or the fisherman who found a big jewel. Sometimes we simply create our own unique funny adventure. The stories have made us realize that we can be better people and try to live peacefully and calmly. The stories also made me realize that everything is possible and we can create our own path and try to strive to better”.

The 1001 Nights program is funded by the European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP II) for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, which is supported by the Czech Republic, Denmark, the European Union, Ireland and Switzerland.

Mohammad expressed that the best part of 1001 Nights program is that it helped him understand the core values and morals, he says “we all know for instance, that stealing is a bad thing, but the stories made us realize why it is bad and the consequences of this act. Personally, I would like to invite all my friends and relatives to come to class to have fun and learn more about life through 1001 Nights stories”.