Media Consultant

Media Consultant

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Terms of Reference
Project: MESO 2- Multipliers Empowered for Strategic Opportunity
Subject: Media Consultant
Duration: Two Month

1. Background Information:

The Community Organization for Development and Empowerment-TCODE-INITIATE is a Nongovernmental, nonprofit, youth-oriented organization based in Lebanon and dedicated to assisting vulnerable communities through youth inclusion and empowerment. While keeping youth at its focus of its mission, TCODE-INITIATE continually endeavors in creating comprehensive and inclusive programs aimed towards the empowerment of youth, and its concentric circles of influence.
In the process of delivering its Mission TCODE-INITIATE aspires to keeping its status as a hub for youth allowing them to: access a safe space, and acquire knowledge and access to a network of social and political influencers enhancing their social participation in decision making processes.

Under the ‘MESO 2- Multipliers Empowered for Strategic Opportunity’ project, and in partnership with GIZ, TCODE-INITIATE is aiming to create under MESO project opputonuties to support Social Measures in order to increase the economic income of the youth group and ensure their social role and participation.

This project will build on the experiences and lessons learned of the PART I program, specifically MESO (Multipliers Empowered for Strategic Opportunity). Under MESO project we previously supported general initiatives which were economic, socio-economic, or social initiatives with different purposes to enhance social participations as such we learned that it is better to support Social Measures in order to increase the economic income of the youth group and ensure their social role and participation. Also under the previous project the support for some groups was solely for economic initiatives which were initially formed for the purpose of implementing the proposed initiatives and had only an economic purpose. At the same time some existing groups were left behind in which are in need for support that can be classified as internal capacities in order to enhance their social participation. Along that there are the lessons learned through working with Palestinian youth activists which also resulted that working with individuals is not the ideal approach in increasing social participation.

Adding to the direct effect of the economic situation on youth in specific, men who are burdened with the responsibilities as the middle east society relies on men for securing the economics and finances of the family. Under this current situation they are forced either to immigrate in order to secure a living, or receive financial support from leaders and people of power in the society which affects their social participation and their active role.

Based on the listed lessons and Initiate’s vision (Empowering Youth for safeguarded community) the project will aim at enhancing Social Measures to reduce conflict.

The first level of intervention focuses on increasing the internal capacity of the organization’s staff who were already trained and have different skills and capacities which aligns with community’s needs. As internal organizational development of Initiate would strengthen the organization’s role in overseeing the target groups and be more responsive to their needs for the current trained group, and for future groups and partners. In particular, to institutionalize the concept of Leave No-One Behind (LNOB) in its approach and strategy. It also seeks to train the team based on needs identified through specialized trainings were an end outcome guiding manual and handbook to be produced and followed in overseeing the targeted social measures groups within this project and for future use as well. This means that staff will receive capacity-building trainings based on the internal assessment conducted at the beginning of the project.

The second level of intervention will target established youth groups in the targeted communities, in order to bring them together. Youth groups that will work closely on exchanging knowledge, experiences and skills. The targeted groups would be receiving soft skills trainings on two levels; trainings provided by Initiate’s trained staff to increase social measures based on the produced guiding manual and handbook. The purpose is to build their capacities and empower them to assess the gabs and in-secured economic situation within their groups/ organization. As addressing gaps would ensure stability would enhance active participation in the society. The second level of trainings would be provided by Youth mentors we will coordinate with. Also, the youth groups will be meeting with beneficiaries targeted in initiatives under the previous project in an information sharing session on lessons learned and experiences.

At last, on the third level of the project would be after the completion of the training cycle to implement the social participation measures (internal capacity building, economic support, etc.) suggested by the trained representatives of the groups to be supported by INITIATE either for internal capacity or implementation of a social measures.

This project is to be considered as a pilot first phase for MESO-2, the project is to be implemented over the course of 15 months in which it includes 2 months of mapping preparatory phase for utilizing the existing community youth groups, including people with disabilities. In addition to setting an actual implementation work plan, M&E plan, and preparing reporting tools, and hiring staff as needed. The project is to be reviewed based on the reporting, evaluation, and lessons learned to enhance and make the needed changes after the project pilot phase is concluded.

2. Purpose of the Contract:

The Media Consultant will provide a training on Media Production and Editing.

3. Tasks:

1. Encourage teamwork: Emphasize the importance of collaboration and effective communication within the team.
2. Stay updated: Keep the team informed about the latest trends, technologies, and techniques in media production.
3. Foster creativity: Encourage team members to think outside the box and explore innovative approaches to storytelling.
4. Time management: Teach the team how to effectively manage their time and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
5. Storytelling techniques: Teach the team different storytelling methods like narrative structures, character development, and emotional arcs.
6. Cinematography basics: Cover topics such as framing, composition, lighting, and camera movements to enhance visual storytelling.
7. Sound design: Explore the importance of sound in videos, including capturing high-quality audio, using music and sound effects effectively, and audio editing techniques.
8. Editing skills: Train the team on video editing software, techniques for seamless cuts, transitions, color correction, and adding graphics or text overlays.
6. Pre-production planning: Emphasize the significance of pre-production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, and creating shot lists.
7. Post-production workflows: Teach the team about organizing media files, efficient editing workflows, and exporting videos in various formats for different platforms.
8. Equipment and gear: Familiarize the team with different camera types, lenses, microphones, and other essential equipment for capturing high-quality footage.
9. How to do Live Streaming.

4. Mode of Payments

• One Payment to be done upon receiving all the deliverables mentioned in the contract.

5. Timeframe:

The contracting party is expected to provide his services in the period of Two Month.

6. Conditions and Management

The contracts for all personnel are made by INITIATE according to its rules and regulations. The contractor will report to the Senior Program Manager.
The Organization management retains the right to suspend payment on non-compliance of terms or in the event of poor-quality work. These decisions will not be taken arbitrarily but in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

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