Logistics Assistant

Logistics Assistant

Posted 4 years ago

Job Description

Logistics Assistant

1001 Nights Project – RDPP

Date: 01- May -2020.

  1. Background Information

The European Regional Development and Protection Program (RDPP) was launched in 2014 as a multi-donor European initiative combining humanitarian and development funds to support Lebanon. Its strategic objective is to ensure vulnerable communities access their rights, are safe, self-reliant.

Following phase I of the program which was implemented through 45 strategic and innovative partnerships in the region, a second phase of the RDPP has been initiated to run from October 2018 until December 2021. RDPP phase II is supported by the Czech Republic, Denmark, the European Union, Ireland and Switzerland.

The 1001 Nights life skills and Civic Education Program, developed by Big Bad Boo Studio, is a multi- platform educational entertainment program that uses cartoon to teach 7-12-year old children life skill and civic values, including non-violence, inclusion, human rights, democracy, gender equality and the rule of law, in formal and informal learning environments. It’s also used to provide children in conflict with PSS, to promote social cohesion in vulnerable communities and to build resilience amongst vulnerable children as a tool to prevent violent extremism.  

  1. Purpose of the Employment

We are looking for a thorough and physically strong logistics Assistant to coordinate withsupervisor in receiving, packing, archiving, transporting and delivering goods and documents according to office and project’s needs.

The Logistics Assistant will be assessing the Procurement Officer in procurement process, completing relevant documentation and other office requirements like purchasing and maintenance. And undertaking tasks requiring journeys outside of the office, in addition to transporting team for field, meetings or workshops related to project’s activities.

  1. Responsibilities and Tasks:

The Logistic Assistant has to ensure and support the logistics activities of INITIATE projects and Programs in Lebanon.

  • Procurements
  1. Collect and send invoices to appropriate department
  2. To supply items/materials according to the requests and orders from his supervisor.
  3. To use INITIATE procurement’s procedures according to procurement policy.
  4. To identify and select suppliers according to Procurement Officer recommendation.
  5. To order items if requested
  6. To control quality and quantity
  7. Manage the distribution plan for 1001-night project and make sure the curriculum reaches all the partners
  8. Manage the store of the materials.
  9. Support and manage the transportation plans
  • Archiving
  1. To archive and centralize logistic files
  2. To gather archives from programs (with Supervisor support)
  3. To ship the archives, documents, materials, equipment or other stuff.
  • Cars and transportation
  1. To ensure the good respect of INITIATE’s transportation procedures and vehicles maintenance.
  2. Check that the vehicle log books are in place and are used correctly Monitor the use of vehicles (consumption and mileage, damages, administrative documents)
  3. Provide items and materials from the supplier to the requester (including to the field if needed). Mostly for mission’s orders, could be done also for program if requested as a support from Project Manager. 
  4. Prepare and complete orders for delivery or pickup according to schedule (pack, ship, deliver)
  • Inventory
  1. To follow up assets inventory.
  2. Maintain an updated inventory.
  3. Perform inventory controls and keep quality standards high for audits.
  4. Report on equipment’s list periodically.
  5. Check physically the equipment periodically and update the related list.
  6. Draw up a list of needs and manage the stock of maintenance items and consumables. 
  7. Look after all material of furniture on the office, carry out minor maintenance and repair work as well as improvements to office premises. 
  8. Follow up the rents (office and store) and fees (internet, electricity, water…for office and flat) payments and follow up of the office/flat maintenance (repairs, paintings…)
  9.  Coordination
  1. To link with the operation team, communicate and cooperate with supervisors and coworkers.
  2. Participate and contribute to team meetings and workshops and provide support in relation to the projects implemented by INITIATE.
  •  Security
  1. Share security information with the team.
  2. Follow up the security equipment management.
  3. To understand and obey traffic law and regulations.
  • Other Tasks
  1. Ensure adherence to INITIATE’s HR Policy, Procurement and Asset inventory policy.
  2. Comply with procedures, policies, rules and regulations.
  3. Assist the team as required (coordinate meetings, training, etc.)
  4. Coordinating travel of personnel; booking flights, hotels, etc. when required
  1. Requirements

• Proficiency in inventory software, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook

• Strong organizational skills

• Ability to lift heavy objects

• Valid Driver’s License

• High school diploma

  • Reporting and Deliverables

The Logistics Assistant is obliged to come up with:

  1. Timesheet
  • Timeframe

From 1st of May 2020 to 30 of April 2020.

  • Conditions and Management

The contracts for the international and local Staff are made by INITIATE according to its rules and regulations. The Logistics Assistant will report to the Head of Finance of INITIATE.

Logistics Assistant should maintain a work diary and comply with all other INITIATE regulations. The Organization management retains the right to suspend payment on non-compliance of terms or in the event of poor quality work. These decisions will not be taken arbitrarily but in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

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