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Job Description


Strengthening the influence of Palestinian refugees on their living condition


Date: 25—April-2020.

  1. Background Information

Strengthening the influence of Palestinian refugees on their living conditions (PART)

The project is part of the Supporting Palestinian Refugees (SPR) Program that is implemented in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and the West Bank. It contributes to the Program’s objective (to improve the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in the region) by the strengthen the influence of Palestinian refugees for improving their living conditions in a protracted violent conflict on individual and structural level

The project is based on the previous experiences of the project “Strengthening the Social Participation of Palestinian Refugees” (FASPAR)”, which was completed by February 2019, the SFF measure “Strengthening Psychosocial Support Structures for Palestinian Refugees” completed at the end of 2017 (PSSP) and the “Regional Social and Cultural Fund” completed in 2014.

  1. Purpose of the employment agreement

The Accountant will be responsible for all the project financial and accounting work.

  1. Tasks
  2. Review, arrange payment and record all the project expenditure’s vouchers in accordance with financial regulations of INITIATE.
  3. Prepare quarterly financial forecasts and requests for advancement of funds.
  4. In-coordination with Project Officer to review and revise the project budget when required and periodically.
  5. File all financial documents and prepare periodic and ad hoc financial reports
  6. Prepare budget estimates for all project activities, trainings, workshops and seminar.
  7. Provide guidance and update other project staff on financial and accounting procedures and regulations.
  8. Ensure adherence to INITIATE’s HR management, AR & AP, Procurement, Cash management and financial management policies and procedures in all processes and projects.
  9. Follow up day to day operations of the support functions;
  10. Participate and contribute to team meetings.
  11. Ensure that data storage (physical and electronic) is secure and that beneficiaries’ records and financial data is adequately protected. 
  1. Interact on a frequent basis with colleagues and external partners
  2. Database maintenance.
  3. Preparation of all necessary documentation, implementation of follow-up actions.
  4. Support coordination of project activities.
  5. Support in administration and finance.
  6. Support in logistic management and procurement.
  7. Assists in and/or carry out other project activities and other tasks as assigned
  1. Reporting and Deliverables

The Accountant is obliged to come up with:

  1.  Monthly report (financial report)
  2. Back up all the documents (hard and soft copies)
  3. Timesheet
  • Timeframe

From 25th of April 2020 to 24th of March 2021.

  • Conditions and Management

The contracts for the international and local Accountants are made by INITIATE according to its rules and regulations. The Accountant will report to the General Director of INITIATE.

Accountant should maintain a work diary and comply with all other INITIATE regulations such as checklists and invoices. The Project management retains the right to suspend payment on non-compliance of terms or in the event of poor-quality work. These decisions will not be taken arbitrarily but in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

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