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Job Description


1001 Nights – RDPP

Date: 01-March-2020

  1. Background Information

The European Regional Development and Protection Program (RDPP) was launched in 2014 as a multi-donor European initiative combining humanitarian and development funds to support Lebanon. Its strategic objective is to ensure vulnerable communities access their rights, are safe, self-reliant.

Following phase I of the program which was implemented through 45 strategic and innovative partnerships in the region, a second phase of the RDPP has been initiated to run from October 2018 until December 2021. RDPP phase II is supported by the Czech Republic, Denmark, the European Union, Ireland and Switzerland.

The 1001 Nights life skills and Civic Education Program, developed by Big Bad Boo Studio, is a multi- platform educational entertainment program that uses cartoon to teach 7-12-year old children life skill and civic values, including non-violence, inclusion, human rights, democracy, gender equality and the rule of law, in formal and informal learning environments. It’s also used to provide children in conflict with PSS, to promote social cohesion in vulnerable communities and to build resilience amongst vulnerable children as a tool to prevent violent extremism.  

  1. Purpose of the employment agreement

The Accountant will be responsible for all the project finance and administration work.

  1. Tasks
  2. Provide inspired leadership for the organization.
  3. Make important policy, planning, and strategy decisions.
  4. Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures
  5. Assist HR with recruiting when necessary.
  6. Help promote an organization culture that encourages top performance and high morale.
  7. Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing.
  8. Work with Senior Program Managers.
  9. Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations.
  10. Work with the board of directors to determine values and mission, and plan for short and long-term goals.
  11. Identify and address problems and opportunities for the organization.
  12. Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
  13. Support worker communication with the management team.
  14. Implement effective, efficient and transparent, administration and finance systems that support the delivery of the Country Strategic Plan and individual projects at area level;
  15. Ensure adherence to INITIATE’s HR and finance policies and procedures in all processes and projects and by all staff;
  1. Manage Logistics, Finance, procurement and accounting in the area and follow up day to day operations of the support functions;
  2. Ensure that key program staff in the organization are trained on support functions policies and procedures;
  3. Responsible for the improvement and consolidation of the support functions;
  4. Participate and contribute to team meetings and provide up-to-date analysis of achievement of procurement and staffing plans and other support in relation to the projects implemented by INITIATE;
  5. Ensure that the scale and capacity of the support functions is appropriate to the level of project activity;
  6. Provide monthly and ad hoc reports on the support functions to the General Director and project coordinator
  7. Ensure that data storage (physical and electronic) is secure and that beneficiaries’ records and financial data is adequately protected. 

Specific responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with donor regulations according to funding for the Projects.
  • Implement internal processes and employee and learning objectives and initiatives set out in the annual Plan of Action;
  • Ensure support function input is provided at project development stage, with the development of procurement and staffing plans to support the implementation of new projects in the area;
  • Provide input for improvements/updates to existing policies and procedures and recommendations for new guidance and SOPs.

Critical interfaces

By interfaces, INITATE means processes and projects that are interlinked with other departments/units, projects or persons. Relevant interfaces for this position are:

  • Work closely with GENERAL DIRECTOR and Program Manager to ensure proper implementation of the day to day support function work;
  • Coordinate and work closely with the Donor Administration focal point;
  • Coordinate closely with Project Managers and Staff to ensure proper communications and work between program and support functions

Assists in and/or carry out other project activities and other tasks as assigned

  1. Reporting and Deliverables

The Accountant is obliged to come up with:

  1.  Monthly report (financial report)
  2. Back up all the documents (hard and soft copies)
  3. Timesheet
  • Timeframe

From 1st  of March 2020 to 30 of April 2021.

  • Conditions and Management

The contracts for the international and local Accountant are made by INITIATE according to its rules and regulations. The Accountant will report to the Program Manager of INITIATE.

Accountant should maintain a work diary and comply with all other INITIATE regulations such as checklists and invoices. The Project management retains the right to suspend payment on non-compliance of terms or in the event of poor quality work. These decisions will not be taken arbitrarily but in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

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